100 Mile Bike Ride (The big 100!)

hit your first 100-mile ride

£29.99 GBP
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This is a 10-week plan aimed at those who are looking to tackle their first 100-mile ride or those who are looking to get serious ahead of their next event. The beginner's plan consists of 3-4 sessions per week, and the advanced plan consists of 4-5 sessions per week, including optional workouts. Therefore, you could run other training programs alongside this plan. This program will help you build strength, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, and everything you need for a long sustained effort. So, whether you are preparing for your first century or looking to get more serious with your training, this plan will provide you with the framework you need to achieve your goal.

Frequency: 3-5 sessions/week

Session length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Equipment required: Bike - Static / Road or MTB Heart rate monitor (optional)


What equipment do I need to train?

For the Signature Programme you need the following equipment:

Basic TTP / functional gym.
Jump rope
Pull / muscle up bar
Gymnastics rings
Cardio equipment (Rower/ski/bike)
Climbing rope
Squat rack

How long are the workouts and how often should I expect to train?

The session length is approximately 1-2hrs

Can I do the workouts at my own pace or is there a set schedule to follow?

Yes, although sessions are structured in a way that is on a fixed schedule, if you miss a session you can simply go back on your training schedule and complete the workout missed.

Is there a coach available to give me guidance and support throughout the programme?

Coaches are available to answer any question you may have through our chat function on our app or do not hesitate to contact us via the 'Contact' section of our website. 

How can I access the programme?

Once you have purchased the programme you simply have to download the TrueCoach app to gain access to your new programme. You'll receive all the information in the confirmation email.

Can I access the programme right away?

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your order to be processed. Afterwards, you'll receive an email invitation from Truecoach along with all other access details. Thank you for your understanding!

How are the programmes structured and what can I expect to learn?

Our Signature programme is for athletes who do have no specific weaknesses. The programme will have an even split of strength/ conditioning and gymnastics, periodised over the Crossfit Games season you will run through 4 x 12 week phases, each phase leading on to the next to ensure continued development and progression, peaking you for the open and quarter finals.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the programme?

For the Speciality programme, it is strongly recommended that you have some prior gym experience before joining as the level is intermediate/advanced.

Can you prepare me for a competition?

The program is exclusively created for athletes at mid and high-level who want to enhance their overall physique to perform competitively. Furthermore, we offer various customized programs that aid athletes in realizing their full potential and attaining success in their specific sport or discipline.